I don’t consider myself an artist but I am artistic.  I get that from my parents.  When I grow up I want to be a dragon.  I love to craft, sew, design, bake and create things.  I love learning and would be a student for the rest of my life if I could afford it.  Over the years I’ve dabbled in all sorts of classes; painting, web and graphic design, photography, dance, and all the other disciplines required to graduate.  In a past life I was probably a journeyman (journywoman?) or a jack-of-all-trades.  My biggest creative obstacle is too many ideas and not enough time.


I was born in California and was raised on the east side of Lake Washington, 20 minutes outside of Seattle.  I immigrated to Canada when I married my husband in 2005 and currently we live in New Westminster, just outside of Vancouver.  We are blessed with a very smart and talented toddler.  I’m sure every parent thinks this of their child, but he is so creative and imaginative!


I started learning to sew from my mother when I was twelve, making costumes and simple items for my sister and I.  I became really fascinated with machine embroidery and started investing in machines and software to be able to create my own designs.  As more and more in-the-hoop quilting designs became available on the market I decided it was probably a good idea to learn how to quilt.


In the summer of 2012 I took a class at a local quilt shop and subsequent classes they offered that could fit into my schedule.  I gave away my quilt from my first class to Nana, my husband’s grandmother, for Christmas that year without documenting it.  I’ve learned since to take photos!