I’m linking up today with Material Girl Quilts and her Layer Cake Sampler QAL.  I have discovered that prepping the HST beforehand makes for quick assembly.  I was able to finish the blocks before heading in to work, even with a bit of experimenting with color placement.

I was a bit worried to start, I was missing one of the purple HST.  How do you loose a HST?  I’m really good at misplacing things as my crafting has taken over the spare bedroom, the dining / office area, a cabinet and possibly the living room.  Although, I tend to try to pick up the things I take into the living room.  Mostly to stop Nathan from playing with them.


Well this missing HST confuddled me.  It wasn’t on the ironing board, it wasn’t with the rest of the HST in the bag, it wasn’t on the coffee table.  All the places the purples had been since cutting, and nowhere to be found  I wanted to use the purples because the blocks weren’t looking balanced (too much greem), it was a little frustrating.  Oh well, I figured I could at least start figuring which of the layouts I wanted to use.

I didn’t even notice one of the HST was turned the wrong way, no wonder I didn’t find this combination aesthetically pleasing:


It contrasts nicely in the photo, but in person I felt the grey blended in too much so I swapped it out with a teal instead.


Found the missing HST! (it mixed in with the other prepped ones, I swear I went thru them!)


Another placement swap…


And switching over to the zigzag… hey, I wonder if I reversed it (making the grey to be the zig zag):


Here’s a winner – I deviated from the pattern , I wanted it to alternate colors like I did for the chevron block in week 2.


So then I got to thinking, I wonder what the other block would look like if I alternated the colors.


Here’s my final quilt blocks, using my own color layouts.


I think they fit in nicely with my previous blocks.  I even got the squigglies in the white fabric going the same direction. Now to convince my husband I need a bigger hallway…


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