Hello world!

Welcome to my blog – a place for my creative musings!  This is probably the fourth or fifth time I’ve put together some sort of website.  Usually they were for school, and often I seem to get into social media just at the tail end of the fad… When I was in  middle school my friends all tried to get me on livejournal.  When I started doing that, it was MySpace.  Now they all do the Facebook thing… and darn it I get so lost in that place!  Although I am learning, but I still wanted a place to call my own.  So welcome!  I hope you enjoy my creative journey.  In the next few months I will be posting about some of my finished quilts, WIP, PIGs, UFOs and the messy quilt room that is my Area 51 (where many great ideas are waiting to materialize).

And just a warning, there will be a few stories about my family and this adorable little guy!

Picture of Nathan holding up three fingers
Nathan showing me how many days until Santa comes