Monday Morning Star Count – The Final Countdown

I was really hoping to have this finished for today, but a local quilt guild exhibition and a weekend with my parents prevented me from getting the last little bit finished.  I finished out the last star of my Traveling Quilt, I thought I should end it like I started it creating the star blocks.

The last star of my Traveling Quilt
The last star of my Traveling Quilt

This brings the total to 75!  I will probably get it attached while watching TV tonight.

74 / 75 quilt stars completed
74 / 75 quilt stars completed

I also got all the transition pieces around the border connected except two on one corner.  So this means 2 half equilateral triangles, 2 120° triangles and the star block is all that is left to sew in!  I will most likely have it finished tonight while watching TV with the family tonight.

Two triangle pieces of the border to stitch in
Two triangle pieces of the border to sew

I’m linking up with Jessica from Life Under Quilts for the last leg of my 60° Diamond EPP Quilt-Along!

Layer Cake Sampler QAL – Week 7 & 8

Getting caught up on the Layer Cake Sampler QAL hosted by Amanda of Material Girl Quilts. I finished up blocks 13 – 16 over Easter weekend and spent a very frustrating time trying to get my Flickr account converted over (I’ll come back to this) until I finally gave up and tried out instagram.

Layer Cake Sampler QAL – Blocks 13 & 14

For week 7 – I did a different combo for block 14 then what was presented.  I wanted to keep with my patchwork patterning I’ve been doing throughout the quilt.

Layer Cake Sampler QAL - Blocks 15 & 16
Layer Cake Sampler QAL – Blocks 15 & 16

I did the same thing with Block 15 for week 8.  I wasn’t loving the center diamond being completely one color or half, so I made it alternate in the for corners.

My husband and I also discovered that the old track/clips for those vertical curtain strips we never got around to taking down made for a great way to hang the Fons & Porter design wall I picked up a while back.

Layer Cake Sample QAL - Blocks 1-16
Layer Cake Sample QAL – Blocks 1-16


My Yahoo! Saga

I wasn’t able to get my pictures uploaded to Flickr for the QAL group, which makes me sad.  You see, Yahoo and I don’t seem to be getting along. This started years ago when I created a Yahoo account for my junk mail. I didn’t sign in often enough so they suspended that account. I then created another one with a dash in the middle. Again, for junk mail. I stopped logging in about four months after opening it. At that time I had about 5 different emails and didn’t really use the Yahoo! ones. Again, it got suspended. I tried reactivating those accounts when I needed to sign up for Yahoo! Groups for my Quilt Guild, but just got stuck in an endless loop while trying to reactivate any of the old email accounts or set up a new one (I think I’ve made about six). I kept getting sent to a sign in / register page.

So when I started participating in a BOM back in January that used Flickr and saw it was a Yahoo! product I was a bit disappointed. I noticed that they did have a function that let you sign in using Facebook or Gmail which made it so I didn’t have to register a new account. This worked but then about a month ago I got an email saying they were going to discontinue log in options for third parties and you need to register a Yahoo! account. Sigh.

Last week I made a email after giving up on being able to register one as a .com for the Yahoo! Groups. I got into my quilt guild groups, but Flickr is still being a pain in the —-. When I first tried to access it from my phone Flickr went to give me the option to change over to a Yahoo! email. Unfortunately it would not let me log in as Yahoo! Canada. I figured this was a mobile limitation so I went and tried it on my computer (after asking my husband to look into it…). The stupid thing let me sign in with Gmail and didn’t give me the option to change over like it did on my mobile. I tried again the next day and it gave me the message that I needed to register/sign in with a Yahoo! account. This let me put in a .ca account, but errored out with the following message “Sorry, there was an error. Please sign in again with the same account or a different one.” Sigh.

I gave it another day and the same endless loop. I tried another computer and same endless loop. I logged in to the new email THEN tried signing into Flickr. Same problem. Sigh. YAHOO WHY DO YOU HATE ME?

So today I went to the Flickr Help area to submit a trouble ticket (this is very hard to find BTW) and filled out all this information. Hit submit and got the following error:


Guess what Yahoo! I hate you too.

Monday Morning Star Count – 71/75

The end is near! Or at least the piecing.  I’m linking up with Jessica for this week’s MMSC.  I’ve only got 4 more “stars” to finish my Traveling Quilt, fill out the transition triangles, add the borders… and then the fun of hand quilting…

EPP60_005I had to shuffle around some furniture to make room for a photo!  I also completed two sets of friendship blocks for members of my quilt guild:




And of course some good old fashion egg decorating with the family

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


CAT – A Quilt for Cats 2013

I made this little quilt for my mom’s house.  It’s a pattern by Helene Knott called “Spelling Beasts”.  It was another one of Diane’s classes.  I wanted to add more techniques to my repertoire.  I thought it would make a good Christmas gift for the cats that live with my parents.  They have a tile floor they eat on and I imagine it can be cold on their paws during the winter months.

SB_CATMom decided it was too cute for the cats to eat on so she’s draped it over the back of the couch.  The cats of course hang out there, so I don’t really see what the difference of being on the couch or under their dry food bowl.  Nathan wasn’t too happy about it either “Grandma!  The kitty is sitting on mommie’s quilt!”

I used a variety of batiks and blenders I had in my stash.  I didn’t mean for it to be the same colors as the sample – Carol had some green paw print fabric I just had to use as a border!  So that’s how the green came to be.  There is also a multi-color paw print fabric on the back.

multi-colored paw prints for backing
Backing Fabric

I also decided to make the “chins” pink.  The first cat reminded me of Shadow, one of my childhood companions.  She used to sleep on her back with just the tip of her tongue sticking out.

The quilt finishes approx. 36” x 24”.

“Monday” Morning Star Count – 62 / 75

This past week has been pretty busy, I’ve only been able to add one more star to my Traveling Quilt in the last two weeks (sorry, didn’t get around to taking photos).  I decided I want to add one more row across the bottom and on the side, which should come out to 75 stars in total if I’ve done my math correctly.  This translated to creating more diamonds, which I’ve been making while catching some TV time with the hubby.

EPP Sewing Boxes - Organization
EPP Sewing Boxes – Organization

I have started a quick EPP project for in the car, a Halloween hexagon table runner using this pattern.  I am using a charm pack from Moda’s Boo Crew.  I have two more rows of three full sized hexagons, and then it’s just filling in the edges.  I’m using 2 inch hexagons so it is going pretty fast.  I’m thinking of adding some embroidery or applique to make it more decorative.

17 completed hexigons
Halloween Hexagon Table Runner

This last weekend was focused on our EMP event next weekend.  I finished the two banners for the opposing war sides.  I had them dropped off so they can build poles for them, so I don’t have any photos.  I do have a photo of the finished favors I was working on last month.  It’s nice to have all the sewing finished a week early!

image of dragon favors
Finished Favors Showing Three of the Ranks

And I also managed to get two friendship blocks finished for members of my quilt guild.  Not bad sewing results for how busy I’ve been!

FB_02 FB_01