2014 Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop

The WWQSHP started on Wednesday.  I wasn’t in *love* with the fabric this year.  When I first saw the images on line all I could think of was “yuck”.  I was visiting with Deb of the Quiltmakers Shoppe in Arlington when one of her patrons brought in a shirt using the main fabric for her to try on, it was destined to be a sample and also something for her to wear to promote the fabric before the big weekend and the fabric was starting to grown on me.

My sister came up to crash at our place Tuesday night, we had PLANED to be at the first stores in Lynden at 9 AM when they opened on Wednesday.  Unfortunately the car gods had other plans.  While packing up the car (oh, I forgot to mention the big EMP camping event started on Wednesday as well) we noticed a liquid leaking out of her car.  We thought it was a defrosting of the air conditioner.  In the morning my husband checked  and there was a big puddle under the car.  Checking the fluids he told us we needed to pick up some coolant, the reservoir was bone dry, and that we needed to do it right away.  So our first stop was to the gas station to buy overpriced coolant.  Turns out that there were actually two reservoirs and we probably could’ve made it just fine.

We stopped at the 3 stores in Lynden and 2 in Bellingham and thought things were back on track.  Then south of Bellingham we hit construction traffic, parking lot on the freeway.  We were also low on gas.  Pulling off at the one gas station I tried to ask the woman behind the counter about the side streets to see if we could circumvent the highway, but she had no idea about the local roads.  How the heck do you work at a convenience store/gas station?

Luckily the guy at the pump next to us was local and convinced us to take the road along the lake.  It was a much nicer drive.   By then we stopped for lunch, oh and did I mention we had Nathan with us?  After lunch we decided to hit Mt. Vernon and go out to Oak Harbour and Freeland, two stores I missed last year.  They still had last year’s blocks available so I’m glad we went that route.  I also found the most adorable quilt kit from a line out of London called “Simply Gorjuss”.  The shop owner was telling us how this is really big throughout the UK, there’s even dolls and bags of the character.  My sister and I each got a kit in the different colorways.

Things went a lot smoother after that, we saw a bunch of shops and I got tons of ideas.  I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of photos I can share as I don’t know if I can post them.  I do, however, have a picture of my sister at the furthest shop we went to on Day 2, Port Angeles.  Funny thing was Google Maps sent us dead into the middle of a State Park.

Although the fabric wasn’t as fun as last year, we had a good time.  If the Shop Hop hadn’t coincided with the EMP event we would’ve tried for more stores.  I did get a fair amount of hand quilting done on the wall hanging, and we have a plan on how to tackle the stores next year.

Between the two events, I’m pretty beat!

Glacier Star Journey – Month 1

I signed up for another Judy Niemeyer class at the Quilt Barn in Puyallup, this time it’s a Technique of the Month.  Unfortunately my husband had to work yesterday, which was the first class so Grandma has volunteered to watch the little guy.  I had hoped Linda, the Certified Instructor, would have a class at one of the stores further north.  I fell in love with the quilt when I saw her sample at the Compass Rose table runner class I took back in March.  I had been putting off signing up for the class and finally broke down and registered last week.  This will be interesting because I’ve only figured out the fabrics for the first class!

Glacier Star TOM - Inside Units in two colours
Glacier Star TOM – Inside Units in two colours

I got all the inside arc pieces done and managed to finish one of the blocks.  I went with two colors for the inner spikes and three colors for the outer spikes on the New York Beauty block.  I have to make a decision on the main background color as it’s flying geese in a pond next month.  They had a peach colored fabric, but I think it may have too much yellow.  It’s really hard when you have specific tones and colors in mind and you can’t find them.  At least the WA Shop Hop is later this month, hopefully I can find what I’m looking for on that trip.

Glacier Star TOM - New York Beauty Block (Technique #1)
Glacier Star TOM – New York Beauty Block (Technique #1)

I also got to see a preview of Judy’s newest TOM quilt, Linda hasn’t even made a sample and she’s got quilt stores calling her to schedule a class!


Oh, and Nathan got see his cousins.  He went with Grandma as she visited her brother and came back with a bike!  They were late picking me up, LOL.