Glacier Star Journey – Month 2

Saturday was the second installment of the Glacier Star TOM taught by Linda.  I had finished my pre-class cutting on Friday.  Wasn’t quite last minute… I had been struggling with finding a good background fabric that would work in the central areas.   The New York Beauty blocks had a busy background, I was worried the coordinating background fabric I chose for the feathers has some directionality to it and the peachy colored fabric I had found at Quilt Barn wasn’t siting with me properly.

During the Shop Hop last month I found a fabric that matched my backgrounds I had already chosen in hue and tone, but with the Arizona Cactus workshop and prepping some kits for the Oso Heirloom Project I hadn’t gotten around to getting my cutting done.


Image of pre-cutting work for the Glacier Star TOM (Technique #2)
Glacier Star TOM – Prepped for Technique #2


On Monday’s workshop with Linda I asked if she wanted to carpool down to Puyallup and I’m so glad we did.  Turns out there was a brush fire off to the side and had traffic backed up for quite a ways.  One of the participants was 30 min late because she was caught in traffic.


Glacier Star TOM - Geese in the Pond (Technique #2)
Glacier Star TOM – Geese in the Pond (Technique #2)


This session was very straight forward, I got all my Geese finished and was even able to work on redoing my block from last month that I had sewn too deep a margin on the curve.  I finished a second one, with a perfect ¼ inch seam.  I tried a different foot on my machine that had a gap for the needle that was exactly ¼ inch off from center and was able to use that as a better guide.  It’s funny, I wasn’t having that problem with the Arizona Cactus blocks.  Maybe because the curve was wider, I just wasn’t getting the pivoting correct.


Glacier Star TOM – Geese in the Pond Rings

Glacier Star TOM – Geese in the Pond Ring


Some of the girls had worked ahead, so Linda actually showed us the technique for next month for those that wanted to get a head start.  I think I will tackle them so that I can start auditioning the colors for the central star.  She also took orders for the extension pattern, which makes the final quilt a queen size.  Yay!  Hopefully I can finalize all my fabric this month.

Arizona Cactus Workshop

Two fabrics used to coordinate Arizona Cactus Table Topper
Asheligh’s Fabrics: Top – Batik Found on Shop Hop Bottom: Mushroom focus fabric!

On Monday my quilt guild had a workshop with Linda, a certified Judy Niemeyer instructor.  There were six of us in the workshop.  My sister joined us, coming up from Seattle the night before to stay with me.  She had confirmed she’d be able to join the class two weeks ago, we had discussed it during Shop Hop and she found a fabric and pattern while on the road.  We found a really cute owl fabric we wanted to use, but the store was so busy we couldn’t really get any help.

Two of Asheligh's Unit M
Two of Asheligh’s Unit M
Ash's Workspace
Ash’s Workspace

Then on July 5th she meet up with me at a quilt store in Seattle and we were able to figure out all her fabrics in one stop!  That is kind of a novelty, as I tend to have something pictured in my head and always have to shop multiple stores to find what I’m looking for.  She found this cute navy mushroom fabric and I helped her pick out some coordinating colors.  We spent last weekend finishing the cutting.  We completed most of it, except she needed to fussy cut the Mushrooms for the center spike so she didn’t have some upside down in the blocks.

Close up of Layer 1 completed Block
Close up of Layer 1 completed Block

So on Monday we worked on our units.  I had worked ahead, most of the individual units were complete I just needed the curved piecing instructions.  Between the Compass Rose and first Glacier Star classes taken previously with Linda the straight piecing was pretty straight forward.  I finished all of the outside units except a couple of Layer 2, and the inner quarter circle units except for about 16.  During the first part of the class I worked on some of the Friendship Blocks I had long overdue so I could turn them in for the meeting that evening.

My various units and completed blocks
My various units and completed blocks

It kinda worked out well, my sister had forgot her cutting mat and I forgot a long ruler so between the two of us we were able to share supplies.  I can’t imaging us fighting over my little cutting mat if we were trying to piece units!

Three blocks for the different layers
Three blocks for the different layers
Auditioning finished blocks to figure out fabric choice for background
Auditioning finished blocks to figure out fabric choice for background

When we broke for Dinner I had two completed blocks and was working on trimming all my units.  The two of us stayed to clean up/lock up the workshop while we waited for my sister’s fiancé to come pick her up and drop off my mom who was staying for a couple of days to help with Nathan while my husband was out of town for work.  Dinner was lovely, Anthony’s, but as we were seated I got a call from my husband saying he left his keys at home and he and Nathan were locked out of the house.  Not the best day for this to happen (is there ever a best day?) as my guild meetings usually last until 8:30 and taking my mom across the border was a 90 min wait at that time.  He was at a neighbours, it would be a long night for the little guy (and the hubby too!).

Showing off our blocks at the guild meeting - Photograph
Showing off our blocks at the guild meeting – Photograph  Linda St Andre

We finished out at the guild meeting, might as well sit and look at pretty quilts instead of the lineup at the border.  We showed off our blocks, I ended up holding up one for the lady to my left as her clothing didn’t contrast well.  I’m in the orange in the center, my sister is on the far left.

Sweet Liberty Placemats – An X-Blocks Pattern

I’ve had this pattern on my To-Do list for a while, actually since the Super Bowl (eep!) last Feburary.  My parents, son and I were on the way to a gathering at my sisters but we had a stop at a hardware store for my father.  There was a fabric store in the same strip mall that I had a coupon for, so Mom & I decided to stop in while we were waiting.  It didn’t take long for us to get distracted by all the pretty fabrics, and soon Dad was poking around waiting for us.

Sweet Liberty Block - Incorrectly Pieced on Left
Sweet Liberty Block – Incorrectly Pieced on Left

Dad brought me the pattern “Sweet Liberty” for some patriotic-themed placemats and a table runner using the x-blocks rulers.  He wanted to know if I could make him a set.  I explained what was involved, the pattern uses both a mini and regular x-blocks ruler of either the 6.5” or 7.5” size.  As I was planning to get a set eventually… he bought the pattern and I bought the rulers.  I was aiming for Memorial Day to complete some of these, with Independence Day for a backup.

Before and After Cutting with the X-blocks ruler
Before and After Cutting with the X-blocks Ruler

Over the next couple months I spent some time visiting stores and shopping online to pick up some sample fabrics for Dad to pick from.  He is partially color blind (red and green), so values and tones are something I had to keep in mind.  He ended up picking out a blue and red from the Stonehenge Stars and Stripes collection.  It took me some more time to get the right amounts needed, apparently this is a very popular collection.  I also used some fabrics from Moda’s Old Glory line to add to the scrappy look.

Two blocks that make up the pattern
Two blocks that make up the pattern

I had finished out the star blocks first, completing six for the six place mats.  Life got busy I put this project on the back burner and Memorial Day came and went.  It didn’t help that every time I saw Dad he kept asking about the status of his placemats!  I felt so bad.  So with renewed resolution I started refocusing on getting these done.

First Pieced Placemat with simple quilting
Basting the First Pieced Placemat

July 4th has come and gone, and with it my hopes for having at least a placemat for Monday’s guild meeting were crushed.  I managed to assemble one of the blocks reversed on the top row, cut out one of the block sets with the ruler upside down and making some big mistakes when strip-cutting that caused an annoying amount of waste.  I was having problems finding the striped fabric I wanted to use for backing, I had waited too long and the places I scoped out were sold out.  I had one fat quarter, so to appease my father I did some simple quilting on one of the assembled placemats so that my father could see some progress this weekend.  Right now I have all the 9-patches sewn, I still need to cut them to size with the x-blocks ruler.

Catching Up on Some Sew-time

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve gotten behind on my MQG friendship blocks.  Some of these I’ve had since April.  Now that we got past Nathan’s Birthday and family visiting I’ve had some time to work on blocks for some of my fellow quilters.


This one was an easy strip of batiks sewn onto a muslin foundation.


I thought this one was charming, a Chinese Magic quilt block.  The fabrics were provided.  I got to practice partial seams with this one.


A request for a simple 9-patch of browns… I didn’t have a lot of variety in my brown tones in my stash, guess I need to go shopping!  However, I did have a bunch of charm pack samplers from Connecting Threads and was able to mix those in with my batiks.


These may not look like much, but they are blocks for the quilt pattern Plain Spoken from The Modern Quilt Workshop by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.  When I picked up this block request in May I didn’t know who Weeks & Bill were.  I recently watched their class on Craftsy and saw Weeks talk about the quilt (made entirely of solids).  I had a double take when I pulled out the block later that afternoon, and there was a picture of the quilt!  I had a good laugh, my husband looked at me funny.  The strip on the bottom block appears red but it is actually a dark coral color.

Hopefully I can get through the last four before Monday’s Guild meeting!  I also have some prep work to finish for one of Linda’s Judy Niemeyer classes I’m taking that morning.