WIP Wednesday

I’ve  been working on and off on my contribution to Bonnie’s Team, a donation for the infusion centre that I participate in every year.  Fabric-Etc, the quilt shop I learned how to quilt from, donates a yard of backing and batting to those who participate.  I’m using a block designed by Camille Roskelley called “On the Plus Side”.  I have two more blocks to complete.  I’m waiting to do the 1.5″ strips around the blocks until I have all nine so that I can mix up the colors.



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Visiting Alaska Pt. 1 – Skagway

My family trip to Alaska via the Disney Wonder was a very magical vacation!  Our first cruise and Disney has set the bar pretty high.  I had mapped out the local quilt shops, and our first stop was in Skagway.  Unfortunately my sister seemed to be having an allergic reaction to something.  Soon after departing on the boat she had to head back to the ship and see about medical attention.  We started some of our sightseeing, hitting the local tourist shops waiting for news from my sister.  I did peek in the store Quilt Alaska, hoping my sister would join me.  The kids were getting restless and we were directed to a local park where my sister ended up catching up with us.  After ditching the kids with my loving husband, I went back to the quilt shop and was able to take a more leisurely look around the shop.

Quilt Alaska Store in Skagway

Quilt Alaska Store in Skagway


Quilt Alaska had a great selection of local quilt patterns and assembled kits.  They also had some really amazing batiks that were both unique to Alaska and play well with any Pacific Northwest theme.  I picked up a fat quarter of otter batiks for my mom, her favorite animal, and collected a bunch of stuff for myself.

The Batiks I Bought


I really enjoyed looking at the cross stitch patterns from the Stitching Studio by Sue Coleman.  And being a fan of Sashiko the native interpretations were interesting, although I still prefer the kit I picked up in Hawaii by Sylvia Pippen.  The Delectable Dogsleds and the coordinating Batiks were my favorite, I ended up picking up some yardage.


I kept seeing these cute little pin cushions all over.


I also saw this cute Christmas ornament (at the Christmas Store, not at the quilt shop).


Unfortunately we never made it to the yarn shop… maybe next cruise!